About Me

I’m Jess.  And this is my guide to cheap, authentic, vegan travel.

I love travelling and am committed to finding ways to explore the world that are as cheap, non-terrifying and sustainable as possible.  In early 2019, fed up of trying to fit travel around the rest of my life, I quit my job, sold my belongings and bought a one way flight to Mexico! Since then I’ve been travelling slowly, exploring nooks and crannys, keen to get to the heart of this amazing country.

My travel philosophy is based around experiencing a place like a local as much as possible, with some great vegan food thrown in for good measure. I understand that travel and figuring out how to navigate new cultures and countries can often be a little on the scary side, so my aim is to give you all the best practical info you’ll need to plan your own adventures!

Here you will find my top tips for exploring and vegan travel, pieced together from years of short breaks, long hauls and using up every spare minute of my time either on holiday or planning the next one!  ​